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 Corporate Sponsorship 

Loggerhead Shrike Level - $5,000.00

Number still available: 4
  • Includes all benefits in other levels, plus Sponsor’s Facebook page “liked” on Point Blue’s Facebook page, which has over 2,100 followers; Name listed and linked on Point Blue’s Friends Asking Friends Bird-A-Thon fundraising website
  • Table space to display products at Marketplace during Bird-A-Thon Awards Event!
Tern - $2,500.00

Number still available: 5
  • Includes all Golden-crowned Sparrow and Black Oystercatcher level benefits, plus Sponsor logo, linked to your company’s web page, on our Bird-A-Thon web page
  • Sponsor logo in Bird-A-Thon Report to 3,000+ Point Blue members
Black Oystercatcher - $1,000.00

Number still available: 10
  • Includes all Golden-crowned Sparrow level benefits, plus Sponsor logo on Bird-A-Thon web page, T-shirt, and Bird-A-Thon Awards Event signage
Golden-crowned Sparrow - $500.00

Number still available: 18
  • Invitations to the Bird-A-Thon Awards Event, Annual Membership Meeting, and Friends of Point Blue Reception; Name listing on the Bird-A-Thon web page, T-shirt, Awards Event signage and in Point Blue’s newsletter, The Quarterly, Annual Report, and Bird-A-Thon Report to 3,000+ Point Blue members
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